Lets discuss the Protect America home security system, the package, how well it works, how easy or not easy it is to set up, the customer support, the professional monitoring, and finally, the app as seen in this price breakdown.

Looking at the customer reviews on Google for the Protect America Home Security System, they really crushed it. They got 4.1 out of 5 stars in Google reviews and a lot of those reviews specifically shouted out the customer support team. They are clearly doing well there.

Let's start with the most important piece, your touch screen control panel. The touch screen control panel allows you to control everything in your home, from your temperature to your smart locks, and of course, what's most important, arming and disarming your system. The second most important element of any home security system will probably be the door and window centers. The Protect America system is pretty standard. We've got a slightly larger piece that goes on the frame of the door or the window and a smaller piece that goes on the door or window itself.

The Protect America Home Security System also comes equipped with motion sensors. Motion sensors detect anything within 25 feet horizontally. What's great about the Protect America motion sensors is that as long as your pets are under 40 pounds, they will not confuse them for a human being.The Protect America Home Security Camera because it does have two-way audio.The Protect America camera does integrate with Amazon Alexa.

Something else that is often included with these professional monitoring services are things like cellular connection because landlines can be cut, power lines can go out, but you're still going to want to have the protection afforded by 24/7 professional monitoring. That's where the cellular connection comes in. No matter what's happening, that back-up is there and is ready to alert the authorities to any potential danger. Let's jump in to some of the options and contracts around 24/7 professional monitoring with the Protect America Home Security System.

With Protect America for landline, basic coverage is $19.99 a month with $2 for each additional camera. If you want to add that cellular backup connection, it can range anywhere from $20 to $60 a month depending on your needs, equipment and haggling skills. That's something to think about when looking at professional monitoring options for Protect America Home Security System. In addition to all the products that we have here with our Protect America Home Security package you can also buy supplemental pieces to help you with your environmental monitoring like a Co2 detector, a smoke detector, and even a flood sensor.

Not only do these work well within the Protect America Home Security System but they also are able to be integrated directly into the app. You can control them all and see exactly what's happening in your home from so many different angles.

If you want to not pay anything, it's just not going to be an option for you. Now to discuss the professional monitoring with Protect America, let's jump into the customer support. There are various ways you can get in touch with Protect America or just get support for any questions you may have. For example, on the website there are tons of guides and lots of information about installation or any possible troubleshooting that you might need to do. You can also just talk to them directly on the Internet.





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